Cricket in the West Indies has a very long and rich history with our team literally ruling the world of cricket for twenty years across 3 decades during the 70s/80s/90s era. During this period many talented players were unable to make the cut at the highest level but the love, passion and commitment for the game remained. Today, these ‘fringe’ players are now classified as Masters/Veterans/Legends and have never had the opportunity to showcase their tremendous talent and ability to the world at largeCricket West Indies Masters Association (CWIMA) intends to rediscover these legends of this period from wherever they are now in the world and bring them backtogether, once again, and rekindle that spirit that made us world champions twice in 1975 and 1979. West Indies cricket can be catapulted back to the top when our current WI players view the professionalism, pride, and cricket culture that these legends possess. Our major vision is to make our players believe again in themselves and channel that passion and pride to produce World champions at the Over 40s, Over 50s, Over 60s World Cup events that will be held every two years on the world stage.

Mission Statement

Cricket West Indies Masters Association (CWIMA) plans a very aggressive campaign to achieve its vision.CWIMA has applied for special membership to CWI so that both bodies can work very closely together in accomplishing their joint objectives. CWIMA plans to host regional tournaments mainly in two formats , T25s and F45s. The T25s will be used as fund raisers and to encourage the retired players to re-enter the fold whilst the F45s will be held to prepare and motivate those players with an opportunity to participate in a World Cup event at the Over 40s,Over 50s and Over 60s levels.CWIMA will assist in developing cricket structures throughout the Caribbean and promote regular regional competitions with their peers similar to the CWI mandate and structure. CWIMA plans to host and participate in bilateral, trilateral, quadrilateral, and other such series for their masters so that they can obtain the necessary exposure at the highest level. CWIMA plans to develop a fair and equitable system for our selection process so that everyone will be guaranteed that they have a fair shot at selection.It is our strong objective to assist our parent body, CWI, to develop our fan base across the world and have concrete plans to work with our members in this regard.Beyond a doubt, these activities will encourage our senior players to lead more active lifestyles which would ultimately redound to healthier and longer active lives. CWIMA intends to encourage our members to assist in the strengthening of the clubs’ structure across the region by volunteering to coach, umpire, score, referee matches, assist in selecting teams and serve as administrators in various positions in these Clubs and Associations.None of these can be possible without access to adequate financial resources. The majority of our members are leaders in their respective industries and commerce and will play a huge role in assisting CWIMA to attract the necessary funds for the administration of the game now and in the future.


• Oversee the interests of veteran cricketers throughout the West Indies and further afield under the CWIMA umbrella.• Have recognized and established cricket structures across the Caribbean for masters’ cricket.
• Attract and develop a quality pool of retired cricketers throughout the West Indies who are interested in becoming active once again and motivated enough to represent their country and/or a West
Indies team.
• Encourage and Administer annual domestic and regional tournaments throughout the West Indies in a structured and organized manner.
• Utilize these regional tournaments to select the very best veteran players to represent the West Indies on the international stage.
• Actively encourage our players to use these tournaments to lead healthier lifestyles as they would be competing to play for the West Indies at Over 50s World Cup and/or Over 60s World Cup levels, leading to an overall healthier population within our communities.
• Serve as role models for the younger generations in their communities and beyond. This will provide further recognition for the sport of cricket.
• Utilize their status as head of households to assist in bringing out more spectators/families to these events which will ultimately build and grow the fan base of West Indies cricket.
• Instill the values learned during their era in the 80s and 90s when they plied their trade in a very proud, disciplined and committed environment onto the younger generations.
• Attract more of our youths to return to playing cricket when they witness their seasoned and disciplined players in action during these tournaments.
• Assist in strengthening our clubs around the region by serving in various capacities in their communities such as administrators, coaches, mentors, umpires, scorers, match referees, selectors, etc.
• Assist in modestly improving the overall economy of the Caribbean due to increased spending in the region.
• Using the shorter format of the game, T25 overs, as fund raising events and to bring out more veterans to the game.
•Attract the requisite sponsorship to guarantee our programs and tournaments are successful.